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SOS Ltd. is a premier culture and safety consulting company, combining decades of research and experience to change the way business works.


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The Solution to Poor Performance is Precise Measurement to Facilitate Culture Enrichment

There is no work that is more important than attempting to codify, qualify, and quantify culture and character. We have made groundbreaking and unique progress on doing just that. Our methodology is relevant, elegant, and robust.

The four cornerstones of our work are The Performance Map™, The Bridge Metaphor™, The Culture Barometer™, and Exercises for Improvement™.

The Performance Map™ illustrates how performance is achieved. The map is the keystone of this concept and could be said to be a “Causation Diagram” since it illustrates what actually causes things to happen. Most organization improvement efforts deal with symptoms; we deal with root causes for under-achievement.

The Bridge Metaphor™ recognizes the importance of leadership, systems, programs, compliance, technology, and attention to behaviors -- as well as culture -- in a scheme to optimize performance. The bridge will deliver the traveler safely to the other side if all elements of the structure are strong.

The Culture Barometer™ is the measurement tool; it is the primary “tool” in the toolbox, the Values-Driven Safety™ Applications Manual (VDSAM). The barometer is a matrix that list the beliefs and values as imperatives on the left side and has maturity levels we call Predictor/Descriptors™.

Exercises for Improvement™ is what you do to enrich organization culture. If you need to make improvements in the physical or intellectual areas you need to perform exercises; these may take the form of physical therapy or reading a book or taking a course. The exercises for improvement suggest generic exercises that serve as a starting point to strategically improve organization culture.

There is no limit to the scope of culture and character enhancement. The methodology can be applied to virtually every area in which people work together to achieve common objectives. And, the process is culture sensitive; it will work for any industry, in all countries, and for both genders and embodies the principles taught by all major religions and all right thinking people.  It is possible to use our “generic tools” as models and to create customized versions sensitive to particular industries or locals.  In so doing, “the process is the product” and much can be learned from the self-examination process.

The Values-Driven Safety Applications Manual (VDSAM)

The VDAM is our guide to putting the theory of culture enrichment into practice…and, provision of other remarkable organizational benefits through this truly revolutionary process.

What is it?

The Values-Driven Safety Applications Manual is a “toolbox”, delivered in an attractive binder with hard copy and on four CDs, to enable a manager to measure organization’s culture and to strategically enrich it.

In computer terms, an organization’s culture is the operating system for all other “programs.” Working to improve culture does not replace anything else you are doing; instead, it will lead to the enhancement of every other effective process in use and highlight activities that are not providing a reasonable return on investment. The goal is to have people do the right thing because they believe in it, not because they are being watched.

The wise practitioner will recognize that the benefits can be applied to wider management issues. The technique applies to individual character development too.

How do I get it?

Call the creator, Don Eckenfelder at (559) 240-2338; or e-mail him at for personal attention to your particular situation.  No requests go unanswered.


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