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We invite you to download and examine the following materials. The collection includes articles, reviews, and other resources about culture measurement and management. .

SOS Ltd. "Culture Measurement and Management: The Holy Grail of Social Architecture" Brochure

This new business brochure describes the products and services provided by Social Operating Systems Limited. - View

SOS Ltd. "Values-Driven Safety" Brochure

This is the brochure for the Values-Driven Safety Applications Manual in pdf form. - View

Occupational Hazards “Why We Need an Antidote for Behavior-Based Safety” Article

This landmark article describes why behavior-based safety doesn’t always meet expectations and what can be done about it. - View

Occupational Hazards "Getting the Safety Culture Right" Article

This article was the second in a series of two; the first set the stage for this one. It describes “the antidote.” - View

Safeguard Magazine "Safety's Cultural Ambassador" Interview

This feature story, written in New Zealand, provides a history and background for the development of cultural re-engineering. - View

Business & Legal Reports Inc. "Got Safety Culture at Your Workplace?" Newsletter

This widely read newsletter focuses on what is happening with regard to interest in culture now and features the work of Social Operating Systems Limited. - View

Safeguard Magazine "It's the Culture, Stupid" Article

This article is reprinted from an earlier article in Occupational Hazards and introduced safety culture measurement and management concepts in the Southern Hemisphere. - View

Professional Safety "Professional Prosperity: The Narrowing Road" Article

This article should be read by all safety professionals interested in career development; it tells how to do it and what to avoid. - View

Professional Safety "Why Can't We Solve the Soft-Tissue Injury Dilemma" Article

This article has been the basis for several messages including a recent audio conference; this is must reading for everyone interested in reducing back and other soft-tissue injuries. - View

Safeguard Magazine "Values-Driven Safety" Book Review

This is one of the book reviews done on “Values-Driven Safety”; it provides some interesting and amusing insights. - View

Professional Safety "Safety Culture Enrichment: Why Take the Circle Route?" Article

This article suggests that there is a slow and fast way to enrich culture and suggests that most operations managements would prefer to take the shortcut…and they should. - View

Interesting Quotes

As part of our work here at Social Operating Systems Limited, we have found the use of metaphors and quotations to be helpful in explaining our thinking. We’d like to share them with you. Those highlighted in yellow are the ones we really like. - View

Hatch Annual Safety Report - See what an industry leader is saying about our process.

DoD Analysis of Safety & Culture Measurement Programs -

Read why the US Department of Defense cited our system as one of only two safety culture maturity models identified as industry Best Practices and credible Safety Management Systems.


Tools for the Cultural Change Engineer

Articles and Brochures

American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Papers

Don Eckenfelder has presented papers at American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Professional Development Conferences. The papers are listed and available below:

2010 ASSE PDC “Safety is free—Because Culture is the Key”

This paper discusses how, if one manages their culture then safety is a natural by product.


2007 ASSE PDC “Culture Is Quantifiable”

This paper talks about how you can measure safety culture and offers a "Scorecard" to collect data to create a safety culture profile that points to exercises to enrich safety culture. - View

2006 ASSE PDC “Why Don’t They Listen?”

This paper contains the information everyone promoting safety should know…and apply; so they will be listened to by operations people concerned with the bottom line and organization efficiency. - View

2005 ASSE PDC “The Solution to the Soft-Tissue Injury Dilemma: We Think It’s an Ergonomic Issue: It’s Not!”

This paper is an update and enlargement of the paper previously published in Professional Safety and available in pdf form above. - View

2004 ASSE PDC “Safety Culture Enrichment-Dealing with the Root Cause of Losses (How to Measure and Manage Safety Culture Enrichment)”

This paper gets into the “nuts and bolts” of safety culture measurement with the rationale for why it should be done by all progressive organizations. - View

2003 ASSE PDC “The Antidote for Behavior-Based Safety: The Virtues and Vices Associated with BBS and The Cure”

This paper resembles those published by Occupational Hazards but has a little more content. The title pretty well explains the content. - View


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