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SOS Ltd. is a premier culture and safety consulting company, combining decades of research and experience to change the way business works.


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Social Operating Systems Limited

Social Operating Systems Limited is a company started by Don Eckenfelder with the assistance of a small team of people who have come to share his vision. This team has provided software, legal, editorial, commercial design, and marketing & sales support. Through several years of effort we have defined the metrics that make cultural change possible, developing a methodology that can help organizations precisely engineer their culture towards quantifiable improvements.

We started with safety but have now applied the thinking to every aspect of individual and organization development. One of the results has been the production of a “cookbook” to apply the methodology and a client list that includes Turner Industries, Shell, GE, ITT, Pratt & Whitney, Merck, Wyeth, Oklahoma City, Offshore Energy Services, Inc., Launceston in Tasmania, HATCH, the Sydney Water Company, and the Department of Conservation in New Zealand, Keymark,Vermont Academy, ALCOA, Lincoln Paper and Tissue, Johnson & Johnson, Weyerhaeuser, and Jurong Port (Singapore) .

Our Misssion

Managing Culture and Character

For years (maybe millennia) people have been writing about the importance of character and culture. In the 80s the subject started to heat up with Tom Peters’ “In Search of Excellence”. Since then, many books have been written focusing on the importance of organization culture and character. Jim Collins books “Built to Last” and “Good to Great” have provided some of the most credible information on what great organizations look like. Almost every example of failed processes can be traced back to culture problems.

But no one has come up with a way to measure and manage culture and character. As Peter Drucker said; "If you can’t measure, you can’t manage." Social Operating Systems has spent years developing a metric for the measurement of cultural and character and they work. We have labored over the problem and have the solution. We can measure and manage culture; it can be applied to different disciplines and to organizations in general.

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